What we do


The Paddle Factory designs and engineers iconic products to create the connection to customers from a functional to emotional level. Suggestion and support the blurring between digital and physical products is one of our offers to ensure great products will be built.


2D logo and branding design


We provide rapid prototyping services including high precision CNC machining and professional prototype model making. Our team is capable of meeting the most stringent demands in terms of time, cost, and precision in creation of your paddles and components.

Precision mold making

CNC machining

3D mock up printing


Custom fabrication service for your unique paddles and other carbon composite products, our team uses its expertise with a wide range of materials and fabricating techniques to help each customer further develop their ideas into manufactured products.

Bio base and recyclable materials

Quality Control

Perfect assembly

The Paddle Factory helps our customers create lasting value with OEM and ODM products that people love.